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Good Choice, Bad Choice: Fālyər

Failure (fāl yǝr) noun 1. Lack of success synonyms: nonfulfillment, defeat, foundering, debacle 2. Informal: flop, megaflop, dud, ne’er do well, dud, busted flush I’ve been quiet on the blog lately and usually when I’m quiet, it’s because something has happened that...

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Becoming Rubilicious: My Wellness Journey

I was born and raised in Rupert, Idaho. When I was 19 my family moved to Phoenix, Ariz. I moved to Driggs when I married Mario, my best friend and the love of my life. We moved around for the first few years of our marriage because of my husband’s work. Then we had...

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Health ABCs from a PA-C

We all make choices every day, every hour. My goal with this blog is to enable you and your family to make the best choices you can about how you live your life in relation to your health. The decisions we make, large and small, throughout our lifetimes play an...

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Healthcare bills are confusing

When it comes to making improvements in our billing process, our most valuable resources are our patients and their families. Concerns, complaints and suggestions from our patients have led to changes throughout our entire business cycle including changes in our...

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