CEO Viewpoint

By Keith Gnagey, CEO
Keith Gnagey

Keith Gnagey

Straight talk from our Chief Executive Officer, Keith Gnagey. These columns also appear in the Teton Valley News and Valley Citizen newspapers here in Teton Valley, Idaho.

Global issues, local impact: infectious disease preparedness

  The three-pronged media surge about enterovirus D68 (EV-D68), influenza and Ebola has heightened awareness about the presence of infectious diseases and the methods of preventing the spread of those infections. Information is a good thing. Of course, becoming a victim of any of the three would not be a good thing. Whether you believe […]

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CEO Viewpoint: It’s our diamond anniversary

I’m approaching my two year anniversary with the hospital and the hospital just passed its 75th year anniversary. This is the perfect time to share the latest news about our hospital and clinics and talk about some of the changes we have seen. It’s been a busy two years, with a lot of positive growth […]

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Healthcare bills are confusing

When it comes to making improvements in our billing process, our most valuable resources are our patients and their families. Concerns, complaints and suggestions from our patients have led to changes throughout our entire business cycle including changes in our processes, staff training, and software changes. We get patient complaints for less than one percent […]

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