CEO Viewpoint

By Keith Gnagey, CEO
Keith Gnagey

Keith Gnagey

Straight talk from our Chief Executive Officer, Keith Gnagey. These columns also appear in the Teton Valley News and Valley Citizen newspapers here in Teton Valley, Idaho.

Focusing on Patient Care

As a resident of Teton Valley and as the CEO of Teton Valley Health Care, I am concerned about how TVHC is perceived. If people in our community have a poor perception of our services, prices, or staff, they won’t come to us for their care. I understand that how we treat our patients determines […]

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The price of safety

The price of medical care in the US is a topic of conversation that leads to sharing of personal stories that can be frustrating at best and shocking at the worst. At TVHC, we agree that overall, healthcare should be more accessible for everyone. The devil is in the details and to get to the […]

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Our focus is your focus

February 2013 I hope you’re aware of TVHC’s hospitalfocus 2015 project. This project is focused on planning for the future of our hospital to ensure that our services are relevant and well-supported by our community in the coming years. It’s not possible to plan for the future without hearing from you, and one method of […]

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