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EMS working together

Teton Valley Health Care, the Teton County Ambulance District and the Teton County Fire Protection District presented a united front to the Board of County Commissioners at their Nov. 12 meeting.


Hospital and fire stand together for ambulance

Teton Valley Hospital CEO Keith Gnagey was flanked by fire fighters and paramedics on Tuesday at the podium before Ambulance Service District Commissioners, providing an image of solidarity between those who deliver emergency services.


Ambulance collaboration hits snag

Collaboration between the Teton County Fire and Rescue and Teton Valley Health Care hit rocky ground last week when an email from July emerged revealing that Fire Chief Bret Campbell had started preliminary talks with Teton County, Wyo., to negotiate a contract for ambulance service to Alta, Wyo., in the hopes of also leveraging it into a contract for Teton County, Id.

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